Everything you need from duplication and erasure to testing and recovery. Hardware and software solutions to meet your need of managing digital data storage equipment.

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Protect Your Clients And The Environment

Our data storage erase solutions will perform secure data erasure that will meet any of the latest disk erase standards such as NIST and DoD. Our software and hardware solutions are a perfect combination to any data center environment.

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Maximize your ROI with Disk Drive Solutions.

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Maximize your ROI with Disk Drive Solutions.

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Disk Drive Solutions offers products and services for industrial hard drive and solid state drive testing, wiping, refurbishment, duplication, and data recovery. Our solutions are utilized in data centers, asset management, e-waste recyclers, data recovery labs, medical equipment servicing, and digital cinema. Our wide variety of products can suit any production from high volume industrial settings all the way down to small non-profit organizations collecting free hard drives.

Our services include on-site and-off-site secure data erasure, data center decommissions, data recovery, high and low volume duplication, and third party data wipe verification to meet R2 and e-Stewards certifications.

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SATA & ATA, but what’s FATA?

FATA is also known as a Fibre Channel interface hard drive which are mostly used in enterprise environments. Not so popular these days, but they can still command a very high price for brand new drives. A recent search found some EMC and IBM Fibre Channel drives...
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Security Erase Can Save Your Drive

At Disk Drive Solutions we get a number of support issues about drives that are working in an unexpected fashion. The drives are properly identified by a system leading the hard drive recycler to believe the drives are working properly, but when they continue to...
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Unlocking Locked Hard Drives

Many clients receive hard drives that are locked and do not know what to do with them since a locked hard drive prevents any access. It is basically useless until it is unlocked so most of my clients cannot resell or re-use them as is. Below are the steps to get these...
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Erasing Enterprise SAS Hard Drives

Many data centers today are now using SAS hard drives as their main storage device. These SAS drives are very expensive so you can just imagine how valuable they would be for the secondary market. Here is a great example of a higher cost SAS drive by HP. Large...
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Save $50 off this 2TB SSD!

$50 off brings the price down to $949.99, so are you ready to buy? This is the world's first storage drive based on 3D VNAND flash which is offered by Samsung. The architecture of this SSD results in more storage, better performance, smaller footprint, and a...
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Help Prevent Your Hard Drive Hacking

Well, my name is not on the list. And if it was, I'd have to deny it just like every political figure whose name was found on the list. Their summed up response was "it was a joke." But what's next? What website am I on or what store that I shop at it will get hacked?...
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Handle With Care

A recent article released on discussed how to extend the life of your hard drive. It lists five easy steps to help consumers achieve the most amount of years possible in a hard drive. These steps are: Use a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) - This will...
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CHIP – The $9 Dollar Computer

CHIP is the world's first $9 dollar computer, and maybe the tiniest computer I've ever seen. It has 4GB of storage, 512MB of RAM, and a 1GHz processor and it all fits in the palm of your hand. This is one amazing device and many have agreed since their Kickstarter...
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“We have purchased the Atola Disk Recycler and are very pleased with the results and capabilities.
It was mainly due to Ken’s expertise that helped us to get the most out of this beautiful piece of hardware.”

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“Dear Kenneth,

Thank you very much for your courtesy.

You are very competent with Atola Disk Recycler.

I recommend you!!!”

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