Our on-site erasure provides the highest assurance of securely managing your digital data.

On Site Data Erasure

Similar to on-site document shredding, we travel to your facility to fully erase the data that remains on a hard drive even if you think you’ve deleted everything. You wouldn’t send out your sensitive print documents to get shredded, so you wouldn’t want to do the same with your digital data.

While on site, we handle everything from opening PC’s or laptops to erasing the hard drives directly then re-installing them back into the system. Or if your hard drives are installed on a server, we can also erase the drives while they are still installed. Once the hard drive or solid state drive is erased, we provide a log file with model and serial number information as a receipt that the data storage drive has been erased.

Secure Green Solution

Our erasure process can meet any of the required standardized sanitization processes including DOD, HIPAA, NIST, and many more. If your data cannot be fully erased while we are on site, we can also destroy the drive so that no data can be retrieved. However, we try to erase the drives as much as possible so that the drives can either be donated or re-sold for re-use. It is the green solution to your unwanted electronics.

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