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Products and services designed to meet technological challenges of secure data destruction.


Disk Drive Solutions offers products and services designed to meet the continual technological changes of data storage. From data erasure to data recovery, we provide solutions to get the job done. Whether the job requires high volume or low volume output, we can meet the needs of our clients through a mix of our offerings.


For those clients that choose not to do in-house processing, we offer our expertise and knowledge through our service contracts. We can perform on-site secure erase of digital data, test and verify hard drives for re-use purposes, or even recover data on failed storage devices.

When you work with Disk Drive Solutions, you will be sure to receive quick immediate support response so that your production processing continues without any hiccups. Hard drives and solid state drives are constantly changing and updating their features, which we also stay abreast to so that we too can change with the technology.

We are here to help solve your data storage needs! Please send us an email today with any questions or quote requests.

More Evidence Faster

Our Insight Forensic was created by the data recovery industry in collaboration with law enforcement and forensic experts worldwide.

No Disassembly Required

Erase your data while drives are still installed on your servers, PC’s, laptops, or mobile devices.

On Site. On Call.

Our on-site services include secure erase of digital data and de-installation of server systems. Certificate of erasure also provided.

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