M.2 SSD - The New Standard

M.2 SSD - The New Standard

M.2 SSD's are becoming more widely used in today's laptops. They offer a faster storage solution in a smaller form factor. However, they are still very expensive and haven't hit the market in the masses just yet. One reason the M.2 form factor came about was due to the limiting speed of a SATA 3.0 port which is at 600MB/s, versus a PCI-E bandwidth of 1GB/s. Although, when setup to peak performance in a computer, the M.2 can have a maximum speed of 2.0GB/s!

Because M.2 is still so new, there are very few options for processing data on the M.2 whether its for data recovery or duplication. Fortunately, Disk Drive Solutions offers two of the only options available.

For data recovery, our Insight Forensic can handle the M.2 form factor with our PCIe extension module. The module plugs right into the side of the Insight and will allow an acceptable port for the M.2. There is no other solution available with this capability at the moment.

Regarding duplication, we offer a complete line of M.2 mass duplicators. These duplicators are strictly designed for M.2 and are ideal for computer or laptop manufacturers that need to put out a mass number of SSD into their machine builds.

M.2 is the future of storage. Disk Drive Solutions will help you handle them.

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