Modifying Sector Size on SAS drives

Modifying Sector Size on SAS drives

Our customers get a SCSI, SAS, and Fibre Channel drives from many different avenues. Sometimes the drives are pulled from a system that has the drive setup with a 520 sector size instead of a typical 512. This can cause some major headaches because when the new user or the hard drive refurbisher attempts to use or wipe this drive, then they are denied the access to write to the drive. However, when they run all the tests on the drive, they find that it is in proper working condition. Well then how can we get this to work?

Our line of YEC products can modify sector size on these types of drives. The drives need to be reformatted and our system allows this to be easily done to multiple drives at a time. Formatting the drive to a new sector size is a longer process since it needs to reformat the entire drive.

Changing the sector size with our machines are as easy as duplication or wiping. Just pop the drives on, select the formatting process, and then hit start. Once the drive is complete, it will be setup into the standard 512 sector size format.

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