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  • Simply deleting files or even formatting your drive doesn't mean the data is gone. It can still be recovered using freely-available software tools. Only by overwriting the data can you ensure it's permanently and securely erased. WipeDrive has been certified by the NSA as wiping software that makes data forensically unrecoverable. WipeDrive's 3 Pass Wipe Completely Erases Your Hard Drive For extra assurance your data is gone you can wipe hard drive data multiple times. WipeDrive provides several wipe patterns including the DoD 5220.22-M wipe pattern used by many branches of the U.S. Government. What is WipeDrive? WipeDrive is the world leader in secure data destruction. WipeDrive allows corporations and government entities to permanently and securely erase data from hard drives, removable media, and mobile devices, providing a cost-effective, secure, and socially responsible way of recycling and retiring computer storage. The world's most highly-certified wiping software WipeDrive is the only wiping software in the world that meets NIAP's EAL4+ security standard and is approved by the U.S. Department of Defense. According to the NSA, data deleted with WipeDrive is "permanently destroyed as to make any type of forensic data recovery impossible." WipeDrive meets or exceeds all major national and international regulatory and technical standards including: Sarbanes-Oxley HIPAA Common Criteria Evaluation FACTA standards NIAP's EAL4+ security standard U.S. Department of Defense 5220.22-M CSEC ITSG-06 How can I use WipeDrive? Manage your corporate storage hardware end-of-life cycle. Multiple deployment methods allow you to wipe storage on individual computers, via a PXE configuration, or remotely. Erase drives on computers in branch or remote locations before moving them. Erase data center servers and loose drives Erase copy machines/copiers Major IT shift from physical destruction to software wiping Most fortune 500 companies still physically destroy their hard drives. This archaic and UN-environmental form of data destruction pulverizes drives into dust. Sure the data is gone but there are major downsides to grinding when compared to wiping your data. Read more: Software wiping vs physical data destruction WipeDrive Physical Destruction Data Security Yes - No data is recoverable. Yes - No data is recoverable. Secure Chain of Custody Yes - No chain of custody necessary. Wipes can be done remotely without moving the computer. No - Chain of custody required and typically includes external employees, increasing risk of data compromise. Low Environmental Impact Yes - Wiped drives can be easily and securely re-used within the organization or donated to charitable causes. No - Produces landfill bi-products that are not easily absorbed or re-incorporated into the environment. Low Cost Yes - Typically less than half the cost of physical destruction. No - Roughly $8-10 per drive. Logistical Efficiency Yes - Drives can be wiped remotely without moving computers or removing hard drives. No - Drives must be removed and securely transported to the destruction site. Secure Audit Trail Yes - Reports impossible to manipulate. Audit trail automatically logs comprehensive drive identifiers and information. No - Reports vulnerable to human error and manipulation.
  • WipeDrive erases 100% of your data, operating system and programs. Erased data is impossible to recover, even with the most advanced tools. According to the NSA, data erased by WipeDrive "is permanently destroyed as to make any type of forensic data recovery impossible." Highly-Certified Hard Drive Erasing Software WipeDrive is the only wiping software in the world certified to NIAP's EAL4+ criteria. Certified by the Common Criteria Standard, WipeDrive meets most major national and international certifications and standards. Simply put, it's the best wiping technology available today. Wipe SSDs (Solid State Drives) Need to wipe solid state drives? Since 2011, WipeDrive has been a market leader in comprehensively wiping SSD drives by removing security freeze locks to ensure there are no hidden or locked areas of the drive that are missed. Erasing SSDs is a priority for many companies because they retain their value better than traditional platter hard drives allowing them to re-coupe part of their cost or re-use the drives internally. WipeDrive can wipe any SSD drive that is free from manufacturer defects. Wipe Copiers Did you know many modern copiers store digital copies of the documents they process on internal storage? Hard drives in digital copiers pose a serious security risk. WipeDrive Enterprise solves this problem by erasing the data stored on digital copiers. Cost Savings WipeDrive is typically a fraction of the cost of physically destroying hard drives and other storage hardware. We'll even match or beat the price of competitive software offerings. Wipe Computers Remotely Wipe computers in remote or branch locations before you move them. Wipe any computer for which you have admin access. Trusted by the U.S. Government and Fortune 100 Companies WipeDrive is approved and used exclusively by the Department of Defense and the U.S. Air Force to erase hard drive data, and is a trusted provider for many Fortune 100 companies such as GM and Humana. Now the exact same wiping technology is available to the public. RAID Support Configure or re-configure RAID setups on supported RAID controllers allowing technicians to avoid doing a manual configuration and saving time. One Product Wipes All Your Hardware Types With WipeDrive you don't have to buy different products for wiping various hardware types. One block of licenses gives you the flexibility to wipe desktops, laptops, servers, RAID configurations, and other storage media. Customizable Reporting Options Flexible reporting options allow you to generate and store reports in whatever format you need be it PDF, text file, or stored in a database. Users can add custom fields to track company-specific data such as unique company IDs or the name of the technician performing the wipe. WipeDrive Dongle The WipeDrive Dongle allows you to manage your licenses to best suit your needs. Transfer licenses to the dongle for wiping in an environment without internet connectivity or leave your licenses in the cloud if you're always connected. Custom Solution for Your Business Needs As an enterprise-class solution, WipeDrive can be customized to accommodate your specific business needs. Erase hard drive data how and when you want. Multiple Deployment Options Wipe an individual computer, multiple hard drives simultaneously, or computers in remote locations. WipeDrive Enterprise allows you to use any of our deployment options so you can wipe how and when you want. Deployment options include: CD USB drive EXE PXE Network RemoteWipeTM Wipe Over 100 Devices Simultaneously WipeDrive Enterprise can be deployed on over 100 devices on your network simultaneously saving you time and money. Environmentally and Socially Responsible WipeDrive contributes toward the zero-land-fill initiative by helping companies re-use and recycle their storage hardware rather than trash it. By wiping and donating your retired storage hardware you not only avoid contributing to the land fill but can help schools or charitable organizations in need of computer hardware. Flexible Licensing Options Flexible licensing options are available to meet your individual needs. Please contact our enterprise sales team for more information and to get a custom quote. Upgrades Included Enterprise customers receive upgrades free of charge as they become available. There's no need to worry about your user licenses becoming outdated. Customized Solutions Available Most enterprise clients are happy with WipeDrive Enterprise right "out of the box." However, we know that some clients have special situations and needs and we welcome the opportunity to customize our software and provide one-on-one consulting accordingly. Phone, Email, and Web Support We provide enterprise customers with free customer support. We'll work with you to resolve any problems. Compatible with Windows, Mac, or Any x86 Architecture WipeDrive is compatible with all machines running on an x86 architecture including all versions of Windows and all versions of Mac in the last 10 years. In fact, you can run WipeDrive directly from a CD without even starting the operating system.
  • WipeDrive Enterprise is licensed per client. We offer bulk and other discounts according to the needs of the client. Please contact a sales representative by using our contact form. Software Compatibility All computers with an x86 architecture. All versions of Microsoft® Windows®. All recent versions of Mac (starting with OS X v10.6 "Snow Leopard") All flavors of Linux Supported Hardware Supports SSD erasure with option to select flash based storage media standards Fast data erasure for ATA, SATA, SCSI, FibreChannel, SAS, and NVMe hard drives Reports information about memory, processor, motherboard, pointing devices, display, floppy drive, keyboard and hard drive S.M.A.R.T. test Deployment Options CD USB drive EXE PXE Network RemoteWipe WipeDrive Enterprise System Requirements x86 Based Architecture USB Port or Optical Drive for booting 1 GB RAM SVGA display and VESA compatible video card WipeDrive Enterprise PXE Server System Requirements x86 Based Architecture USB Port or Optical Drive for booting 2 GB RAM SVGA display and VESA compatible video card Network Card (additional network card required for remote logging)