Demi XG3020

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  • By using built-in SATA/SAS interface and installing optional board,
    Multi-interfaces of ATA/SCSI/FC-HDD are also supported. (Also supports SATA II)
    Built-in evidence preservation functions including hash generation (MD5, SHA1, and SHA256) and DD image creation.
    High speed data transfer at 18.4GB per minute (*1).
    (*1 Theoretical value. Varies according to performance of connected devices.)
    Built-in LAN interface.
    HDD data on a computer can be copied to HDD connected to this product via LAN using the utility software (sold separately).
  • Supported Interfaces: SAS/SATA/ATA/SCSI/FC
    Number of HDDs to be connected: 1:1 for copy, 2 for deletion and diagnostics
    Main Functions: Entire disk area copy & compare, used area copy & compare, specified volume clip
    evidence preservation (forensics function), data deletion, quick diagnostics