Saving Obsolete Software

Save Your Obsolete Software From A Failing Hard Drive

Do you have older equipment that is possibly running on obsolete software? What happens when the  hard drive storing that software starts to fail, or maybe has already failed? The only way to save that software is by duplicating the hard drive onto another hard drive that can take its place. Sounds like a simple solution, but there are some things that you’ll want to pay attention to when performing this duplication.

Hard Drive Interface

Old equipment means old hard drive interface, such as SCSI or IDE. These hard drives are getting harder to find in good working refurbished condition. The IDE drives are still priced very low, but the market is now commanding high values for hard to find SCSI drives. When replacing the original hard drive, it is best to replace with the exact same interface especially in the case of SCSI.

If same interface drives are not available, then you will need a duplicator that can do cross copy interface duplication. Our Demi series duplicators like the XG3020, XG3031, and YG1040 can all perform a cross copy duplication from one interface to the other as long as block sizes match. For example, you can copy a SCSI drive to a new SAS drive all within one hardware tool.

Equal To Or Greater Than

A good rule of thumb when duplicating an old drive is to duplicate to a drive that is equal to or greater than in data storage size. The great thing is that old drive storage size is small and new drives are always bigger in size.

Although, if you cannot get a drive of equal or greater storage size, our duplicators can also provide options in the duplication process such as copying data only. Copying data only allows you to get all the necessary data onto another drive that may only have enough room for data and not the entire master drive which may have no data saved to the remainder of its storage space.

If All Fails Get An Exact Replacement

If the hard drive replacement continues to fail in the new system despite following the above rules, your best bet is to find the exact model hard drive as a replacement.This has proven to be a more difficult task but usually it also resolves the issue. It could be that the system recognizes the model of the hard drive and is looking for that exact model.

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