Fibre Channel Card

Many customers have come to us with loose Fibre Channel hard drives without an easy way to erase them. Sometimes the drives were pulled from the original system and now that system is no longer working or not available for use. However, they still need to get the data off the hard drives. The best way to get this done is with our Demi XG3020 with the optional Fibre Channel kit.

The Demi XG3020 is an all-in-one solution that will wipe all interfaces of hard drives from the more rare drives like Fibre Channel to the more commonly used interfaces such as SATA. Not only does the Demi XG3020 wipe them, but it can also duplicate the drives if necessary. The optional Fibre Channel kit is installed via a PCI-E slot underneath the Demi XG3020, allowing available Fibre Channel ports on the side of the unit. These added ports will process the data while the power to the drives is provided by the ports on the back of the unit which are also used for SATA. The cables provided are a perfect length to allow the drives to sit properly atop the Demi XG3020 unit without being disturbed.

Demi XG3020

Once the drives are connected, the next steps are quite simple. On the unit, it will allow you to select the interface of the hard drive to be processed. In this case, we select the FC for Fibre Channel drives, then we proceed directly to the operation required. If it is a wipe process, simply select the type of wipe process you want to perform then press start! It’s that easy! No thinking, no guessing, no trial and error. Just plug and play!