Erasing Enterprise SAS Hard Drives

Erasing Enterprise SAS Hard Drives

Many data centers today are now using SAS hard drives as their main storage device. These SAS drives are very expensive so you can just imagine how valuable they would be for the secondary market. Here is a great example of a higher cost SAS drive by HP.

Large enterprise companies and data centers are the ones buying these high valued drives. Once the drives reach their determined lifespan at the data center, they need to be replaced by new expensive SAS drives. However, before these can be replaced, they need to be erased. That’s where Disk Drive Solutions can help in providing the equipment or software necessary to erase the high volume of these drives.

Performing the high volume erase process can be done in house by the data center themselves, or the work can be outsourced to a service provider. These service providers sometimes perform the erasure on-site or at a secure location. Moving the SAS hard drives with data on them to a secure location requires secure transportation as well.


For wiping drives at the data center, the best solution would be a software solution. We offer White Canyon software that can be installed onto the servers where the SAS hard drives are currently installed. The user will tell the software which hard drives need to be erased and once its complete, a log file is provided for each drive processed. White Canyon solution is a seamless process for the data center since they are removing the drives from the servers already wiped and ready to be sold or re-used elsewhere.


The best solution for high volume off-site wiping would be our new solution, the Disk Recycler SAS version. This system is built up into a open server format with each server system capable of erasing 40 SAS hard drives. Although one full Disk Recycler SAS server rack can handle 40 hard drives, multiple Disk Recycler SAS server racks can be connected together through a network creating multiples of the system all controlled on one PC. For example, a 120 hard drive processing system would consist of 3 Disk Recycler SAS server racks. The advantage of this system over others is that it allows testing of the hard drives and not just erasing. With testing capabilities, the system can practically re-certify hard drives to ensure the drives meet different standards for resale.

Whatever the need for SAS hard drive wiping, we offer everything necessary to process these drives to get client’s the high possible resale value. Disk Drive solutions also offers duplication equipment for SAS hard drives.

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