SATA & ATA, but what’s FATA?

SATA & ATA, but what’s FATA?

FATA is also known as a Fibre Channel interface hard drive which are mostly used in enterprise environments. Not so popular these days, but they can still command a very high price for brand new drives. A recent search found some EMC and IBM Fibre Channel drives priced over $300. As these older style hard drives become more obsolete, it gets harder to find replacements. For that fact, used Fibre Channel drives come with a high resale value and if you are throwing these in the e-scrap pile, you may be missing out on some great revenue.

Refurbishing Fibre Channel hard drives can be a challenge without the proper equipment. However, at Disk Drive Solutions, we have a few different solutions that are designed for not only refurbishing these FATA drives, but also for recovering data from them. Fibre Channel hard drives require an FC controller, which are actually installed to our standalone solutions to maximize Fibre Channel hard drive refurbishment to 2 hard drives at once.

Fibre Channel is a niche market, but to those that need the support and replacements, it is a necessary niche. If an enterprise built their data infrastructure with Fibre Channel, its difficult to replace the entire system when just one hard drive has gone bad. If you can provide that missing drive to these enterprises, then you have just appeared on their radar. If you don’t have the solutions to refurbish these Fibre Channel drives, then Disk Drive Solutions can help you there.

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