Stop Wasting Time

Stop Wasting Time

Improve productivity with the proper technology.

Technology was designed to save you time, but that's only true if you're using updated technology. One of the main time wasters in IT departments is duplicating or erasing hard drives using their own PC's or setting up a separate PC just to run this operation. There are a couple issues with creating a DIY system to perform these tasks.

  1. Slow Processing - When IT setup a drive duplication or wiping station, they are usually using an old broke down PC. This means the processing is slow and you have probably doubled your wait time for this job to complete.
  2. Tied Up Hardware - In some cases, the IT group will use their own PC's to perform the task with software. This slows down their own production because their machine is tied up doing performing the data processing.
  3. No Certification - Building your own DIY system for wiping will not provide a certification in case of auditing purposes. IT will never be able to prove that they did wipe a drive and the crucial data can end up in the wrong hands.

Fortunately, we have a great IT solution that will help save them time to get moving on the many computer related requests that come through from the staff. The solution to IT time wasting is a standalone duplication hardware which can perform multiple functions such as duplication, quick testing, and wiping.

Our Demi PG520 is the perfect example of a simple tool for IT groups. Designed with IT applications in mind, this mighty little tool can perform different types of copy functions including a verification of the copied drive. It can also perform multiple types of disk wiping to meet any standards necessary for the company. And since it is a standalone hardware, it can be moved around the office to different departments or desks and since there is a dedicated processor the speed for processing is greatly increased. There are many advantages of having a dedicated tool, and the main thing is getting your wasted time back.

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