HD-2XT Degausser & Certification

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  • Secure destruction?  We prove it!  Garner is the only brand of degaussers and destroyers with IRONCLAD, an erasure and destruction verification system that automatically captures a JPG image of the hard drive immediately after it is degaussed and generates a proof-of-destruction certificate for audit and archival purposes.

    Tracks and stores media serial numbers, user ID, witness ID, and date in a password-protected system
    Provides proof media was degaussed by capturing a JPG image of the hard drive immediately after degaussing
    Records gauss field strength (exclusive to HD-2XT)
    Informs operator of erasure results with a PASS or FAIL after each cycle
    Records and documents the crush depth of the PD-5 hard drive and solid-state destroyer
    Generates exportable JPG images and destruction results for audit and archival purposes in PDF, CSV, and Excel file formats
    Provides a series of automatic prompts to take the operator through a defined, repeatable, and consistent process of secure and thorough media sanitization
    Compatible with current Garner degaussers, the PD-5 destroyer, and the SSD-1 solid-state destroyer
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    HD-2XTE: CE

    Magnetic Field

    1 Tesla (10,000 Gauss) nominal

    Erasure Verification


    Storage Capacity

    16 GB

    Degausser throughput (per hour)

    Erases up to 1920 (1.8 in.) hard drives
    Erases up to 960 (2.5 in.) hard drives
    Erases up to 240 (3.5 in.) hard drives

    Degausser with IRONCLAD throughput (per hour)

    Erases up to 240 hard drives

    Media Types

    Hard drives: 5,000 Oe
    Tape media: 3,000 Oe


    HD-2XT: 90-250VAC ±5%, 50/60 Hz
    HD-2XTE: 90-250VAC +-5%, 50/60 Hz
    IRONCLAD: 90-240VAC, 47-440Hz
    Power Consumption

    HD-2X: During standby: 17W
    During charge: 145W avg.
    During erase: 17W


    41°F - 104°F (5°C - 40°C)

    10%H - 40%H Without condensation


    HD-2XT IRONCLAD: 40 lbs. (18.1 kg.)
    This is not a shipping weight
    Overall Dimensions (HxWxD)

    HD-2XT IRONCLAD: 10.2 x 17.8 x 18.2 (in.) 260 x 451 x 463 (mm)
    Touchscreen: 6.6 x 9.6 x 2.5 (in.) 168 x 244 x 64 (mm)

    HD-2XT: One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty standard, optional three-year limited warranty available
    HD-2XTE • IRONCLAD: One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty standard
    Scanner: Ninety-day manufacturer’s limited warranty standard

    Made in U.S.A.

    By Garner Products, Inc.