Super SCSI Duplicator / Sanitizer

SKU SWS-0004-00A
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  • The SuperCopier® SCSI data cloning unit with 2 SCSI Ultra fast 320 VHDCI ports (Supports imaging from 1 to 3 SCSI drives).
    With the use of unit, the user can clone from 1 source to 3 target drives in one session, or erase and wipe data simultaneously from 3 SCSI drives running 3 multi-sessions erase operation.
    The unit built-in with 2 SCSI Ultra 320 VHDCI ports, 6 USB3.0 ports, and few display ports (DVI-D, DP, HDMI).
    The SuperCopier application is running very efficiently under Linux OS. It is very easy to use and with a few clicks the user is set up and running.
    The application support drive duplication modes: Bit by Bit mirror copy, smart Quick Copy of partitions, Selective Imaging of files and folders, Copy From VHD image, Copy to Folder.
    Also the application support drive erase: DoD 5220-22M (ECE) (7 write passes and 1 verify pass), DoD Lite 5220-223M (E) (3 write passes and 1 verify pass), Security Erase, Enhanced Security Erase, and the User Erase Mode protocols. It designed to run a very efficiently in a continues erase mode operation, where each port is act separately.
    In addition, the user can select to run a Read-Verify Drive's Diagnostics test to evaluate the "health" condition of the drive to identify bad sectors or any "weak media" on the drive prior to the erase operation.
    The SuperCopier SCSI unit supports connection to 10 storage devices (4 SCSI + 6 USB).
  • Dedicated Secure Erase Field Unit: Erases and Formats storage devices (Hard Disk Drives, SSD, USB storage device, Multi Media Cards)
    Main Hardware Features:
    Case: Small for faxtor
    CPU: i5 6th generation
    Monitor: Is not Included. (The user can plug any external display with HDMI/DVI-D/DP port in the back of the unit)
    OS: Linux Ubuntu 64 bit
    Application Updates: Application can be easily updated via USB flash drive and special update application screen
    Application Settings:
    Bad Sectors Handling: User can select to skip bad sectors/blocks, or abort the operation when it encounters bad sectors/block of sectors on the source hard disk drive
    Support Storage Protocols and Interfaces: SCSI, USB3.0, SATA via USB to SATA adapters, M.2 NGFF SATA via SATA to USB adapters
    SCSI Support: Ultra 320 SCSI
    Typical speed: Average 3.4GB/min with SCA80 SCSI drives, running 4 drives simultaneously in 4 sessions (tested with ST37320LC)
    Supplied SCSI Adapters: SCA80, HD50
    Application Features:
    GUI: The application is built with large and very simple and easy-to-navigate icons. In a few clicks user can set the operation, and it will be quickly up and running
    Erase Log Files: Audit trail in PDF formats, or txt formats with ability to customize the reports and adding user company’ logo
    48bit LBA addressing, support drives with size up to: 256TB
    Erase SQL Log-Files Database: Easy way to maintain, delete, and export log files
    Drive Diagnostics with Read-Verify test (Supported by all Media protocols): If the user intend to erase drive for re-use purpose, it would be recommended to to run some "Health test" on the drive prior to erase process. Read-Verify test, which supported by all the storage media, and it is the best practice to check if there are any bad sectors on the media or if there are areas on the media that are considered as "weak media"
    Main application Features:
    • Drive copy: Mirror copy, Quick Copy of partition with ability to scale up and down partition, Selective Imaging of files and folders for mountable source drive, Copy from VHD imgage to traget drives, Copy to Folder- mountable under Linux, the application detect all the files on source drive and copy them into one large folder on the target drive maintaining the source drive file structure
    • Erase data from drives
    • Quick Format
    • Drive's Diagnostics
    Parallel operations:
    • Multiple Session Operations: The user can run a multiple efficient parallel operation on any available ports. The user can combine more than one port/storage devices in the same sessions. Also the user can mix different type of operations, and each operation is set as a new independent session. An example of operations: Erase data with DoD protocol from a drive on one port, Quick format drive on a second port, while performing copy on the remaining ports.
    • Drive Detection Application Screen: All hard disk drives and storage devices that are connected to the units will be scanned and displayed in one application screen, called “the detection screen”. The user can tap on each drive to get its detailed info, as well as selecting it for the desired operation they are planning to use
    • Multiple Session Application Screen: All running sessions are displayed in one Application Screen. The application screen shows the name of the session, the operation of the session, the error or abortion flag, completion progress bar, successful completion flag. User can abort a session, tap on a session to monitor its real time running progress and get detailed setting. It is a very easy way to view, navigate, and control the sessions
    • SCSI: Native 2 Ultra 320 SCSI Ports (VHDCI female)
    • USB3.0: 6 Ports
    More Erase Ports:
    With the use of USB3.0 to SATA fast adapters, the unit can support erase up to 6 SATA drives.
    Erase and Quick Format Operation:
    Drive Erase Protocols: DoD 5220-22M (ECE) with 7 write passes and 1 verification pass, DoD Lite 5220-22M (E) with 3 write passes and 1 verification pass, Security Erase, Enhanced Security Erase, or Use Erase Mode (Security Erase, Enhanced Security Erase, and DoD erase protocols are all NIST 800-88 compliance)
    Quick Format: NTFS, FAT, exFAT, HFS+, EXT2-4
    Logs and Erase Certification: The application generates extensive erase log files and erase certification that are easy to export to USB flash drive
    Built-in USA: The units are built and tested in the US
    Warranty: One year free warranty on the main unit (it is not included warranty on accessories, adapters and cables)
  • Hardware specifications:
    CPU: i5
    RAM: 8GB DDR4 internal memory
    Storage Controller: Ultra 320 dual channel SCSI controller
    Front Panel:
    Four Drive' power connectors
    Two USB2.0 ports
    Back Panel Add-on Ports:
    Six USB3.0 ports
    HDMI, DP, DVI-D ports
    1GbE port
    Power Characteristics:
    Supplied universal auto switching 200W UL/CE/PSE
    Input Voltage: 100-240V/50-60Hz
    Power Consumption excluding External Drives: 200W
    Operating environment:
    5°C - 55°C (40°F-130°F), relative humidity: 20-60% non-condensing
    Mechanical characteristics:
    Unit Net Weight: 8.00 lbs
    Unit Dimensions: 12" (D) x 10" (W) x 5" (H)