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  • The Ultimate Disk Sanitization Appliance
    A Quick & Inexpensive Machine to Erase Multiple Hard Drives to Industry Standards.

    Erase Up To 60 Disks At Once
    Wipe as many disks are you want! The Destroyinator is available in 30, 45, and 60 drive models allowing you to wipe 1-60 disks in a single unit.

    In a standard rack with ten D60 Destroyinators, you can wipe up to 600 disks at once!

    ✓ Automatic mode
    Killdisk can be programmed to perform actions on a disk as soon as it is connected. This means you can examine, erase and print a certificate by simply plugging in a hard drive!

    Destroy Data Permanently
    Once a disk is erased, the data is gone forever.

    KillDisk is HIPAA compliant, supports U.S. DoD erasure and dozens more.

    Mixed Batches
    Wipe mixed batches of drives!

    The Destroyinator also features a lowered internal grid to accommodate both 3.5" & 2.5" mechanical drives as well as SAS & solid-state drives.

    Disk Examination & Disk Analysis Tools
    Examine old disks for bad sectors prior to erasure and view drive health parameters.

    Tools such as SMART monitor, File Browser & Hex Viewer give you a complete knowledge, control and overview of your hard drives.

    Issue Certificates & Reports
    Built-in customizable certificate and label-printing tools for records and accountability.

    After each erase/wipe completion, create a custom certificate that can be saved as a PDF. Its verification process allows you to confirm that the sectors have wiped all data - for peace of mind.

    Clone Disk or Image
    Easily clone a master disk or image to newly sanitized disks!

    In addition to securely erasing hard drives, KillDisk also allows you to write an image or copy a Master Disk to newly erased hard drives with its' cloning feature.

    Hard Drive Wipe Time Approximations
    The drive erasure time depends on the physical size of the HDD - not the number of them - as they are all wiped in parallel. Wiping a single 1TB drive will take the same amount of time as 45 1TB drives.